this is a wip..

txt the dream chapter (all vers) 1/2, txt gbgb (all vers)1/2/3, txt eternity (all vers) 1/2, txt star, txt freeze (all vers) 1/2/3, txt fight or escape, txt still dreaming album limited ver a (?), txt blue hr pink ver, txt still dreaming cd, txt chaotic wonderland 1/2, txt drama jp ver, txt gbgb cd,
bts the best, bts map of the soul 7, bts love yourself, bts BE, bts young forever, bts most beautiful moment in life blue ver,
nct127 2 baddies taeyong ver, nct 127 sticker, aespa 2nd mini album girls - e.d hacker ver cd, seventeen face the sun carat ver, nmixx admare light ver, loona # album, blackpink kill this love, blackpink the album v2, xordinary heroes hello world practice session ver, sunmi 1/6,
ryusetai album 01, hamilton cd?, micheal jackson number ones, britney spears in the zone, marina ancient dreams in a modern land, p5 cd, trigun 1998 cd, magical mirai dvd,

figures probably