welcome 2 the pond...

my names nox, and this is my little nook! im learning html as i make this, so if its absolutely broken, just lmk and ill...try... to fix it.

i first found neocities back in june 2022. i tried to make a website, got frustrated, and gave up. now, a yr later, i am determined to make something worth looking at (・`ω´・ ●)
hope you'll stick around ^__^

i like alot of things! i change interests rlly frequently, but i like most animanga :3 i also play some games, including persona 5, fe3h, splatoon, overwatch, ace attorney, hatsune miku: project diva, enstars, and cytus 2!

blog updates!

blog updated on oct 1, 2023 - read it here!